Blinds & Draperies

Window finishings come in many shapes, sizes, colours and functions. We provide custom window treatments based on your style and . Noble Interiors helps you select the perfect blinds and draperies based on the following criteria:


Does the room need privacy? Complete darkness? Natural light at all times? Is the homeowner fully mobile and able to reach the cords or does he or she require automated blinds?

Colour and style

Are the treatments a statement piece for the room? Do they need to pop or blend into the background of the design? Is the window an odd shape, necessitating a custom treatment?


We work with a large number of manufacturers and suppliers to ensure your many options. This enables Noble Interiors to offer a wide range of styles, colours, functions and fabrics at every price point.


The “Noble” in our name is not an accident. For us, being noble means providing outstanding quality in our products, customer service and aftercare. We are proud of what we offer and strive to make each experience with us a high-quality one – this is reflected in our products.