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A new world of luxury and style!

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Wendy Noble relies on our personal touch in an industry where the ability to connect is a superpower. The strong relationships we forge has created a strong backbone of many long-time residential and commercial clients for our company. Repeat business and referrals amount to 90% of our revenue. The noble in our company name is not an accident; it means providing outstanding excellence in the quality of our products, customer service, and after care.
Wendy Noble - Creative Director
Wendy Noble
Creative Director

Custom Draperies/  Curtains in  Edmonton AB

Window finishings come in many shapes, sizes, colours and functions. We provide custom window treatments based on your style and needs. Are you looking for custom draperies/curtains in Edmonton AB? Noble Interiors helps you select the perfect blinds and draperies based on the following criteria:


Does the room need privacy? Complete darkness? Natural light at all times? Is the homeowner fully mobile and able to reach the cords or does he or she require automated blinds?

Colour and style

Are the treatments a statement piece for the room? Do they need to pop or blend into the background of the design? Is the window an odd shape, necessitating a custom treatment?


We work with a large number of manufacturers and suppliers to ensure your many options. This enables Noble Interiors to offer a wide range of styles, colours, functions and fabrics at every price point.


The “Noble” in our name is not an accident. For us, being noble means providing outstanding quality in our products, customer service and aftercare. We are proud of what we offer and strive to make each experience with us a high-quality one – this is reflected in our products.

Curtains Edmonton
Custom draperies Edmonton AB

Our Premier Interior Designers

Open your doors to a new world of luxury and style. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? In our world luxury and style are synonymous, but it also means that the two don’t have to be incredibly expensive, or that your own style can’t come through. We all have our own unique style. We should have more options than just what is trendy or fashionable. Trends end, but classic style lives forever.

At Noble Interiors, you can have it all. The best of today, tomorrow, and most of all… you!

What We offer :

residential blinds Edmonton

Residential Blinds Installations

Noble Interiors exists to ensure the highest level and extent of satisfaction and quality. We offer blinds in different and distinct colors, shapes, sizes, and designs that are sure to match your preferences and requirements. We offer a varied range and selection of residential ……………

commercial blinds

Commercial Blinds Installations

Commercial blinds are one of the most crucial and essential elements in a business or office space in today’s world. It helps acquire and improve the professional look, design, and style of the workplace. It allows the employees and staff to become motivated and engaged in their tasks and responsibilities. In addition to that, 

curtains Edmonton

Drapery Curtains

At Noble Interiors, we strive to provide you with the best drapery curtains you can ever find. Our products offer a soft and warm touch or an energizing and zealous feel to any room. On top of that, they come in a broad spectrum and range of colors, patterns, styles, designs, textures, etc.

window shutters


At Noble Interiors, we offer you a broad range and category of shutters having different and distinct materials, styles, colors, designs, and finishes. You can choose from among a colossal number of options …………………….

renovations remodeling


Sometimes buying a new home is not the answer. If you love where you live but need a change due to the age of the home or the need to refresh the interior, contact us. The Noble method of preserving the elements you love while ……

interior designer

Interior Design

At Noble Interiors, we offer you a broad range and category of shutters having different and distinct materials, styles, colors, designs, and finishes. You can choose from among a colossal number of options …………………….


Patti MacDonald
Patti MacDonald
St Albert, Alberta
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We had been searching for custom draperies for our new home for a few months, but we couldn’t find anything we liked. That’s when our friend introduced us to Noble Interiors, and our search ended right there! They have all types, sizes and colors of curtains to fit every part of our home. The best part of their service is that they listened to our requirements patiently, and came up with brilliant custom draperies for our place. We never expected to get these luxurious-looking draperies at such affordable rates! Thanks to Noble Interiors, our home is now looking luxurious, stylish and classy!
Sylvia Malinski
Sylvia Malinski
Edmonton Alberta
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We couldn’t take our eyes off the wide collection of draperies at Noble Interiors when we came here first. The minute we experienced the rich feel and elegant texture of the draperies, we knew that we had found the right brand for our custom draperies. The colors, patterns, designs and functionalities of draperies at Noble Interiors are so exhaustive that we had a tough time choosing what we wanted from here. We just couldn’t drop one for the other! These custom draperies gave our rooms a new feel and vibe instantly, and we just love it when our friends appreciate our choice of draperies!
Rob Wishnicki
Rob Wishnicki
Langley British Columbia
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We always used to see the look and style of rooms in certain TV shows/films, and yearn for the same look in our homes too. We thought that we had to spend a bomb for that visual appeal in our personal space too. However, we were surprised to see the same stylish and luxurious-looking custom draperies at Noble Interiors at highly affordable rates! We now use different styles of custom draperies in each of our rooms, with each one representing unique functionalities and vibes. The team at Noble Interiors was extremely professional, and they gave us detailed suggestions on the styles of custom draperies that we can use in our homes.
Sheline Bain
Sheline Bain
Sherwood Park, Alberta
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When looking for a renovation company for our new home, we were sure about one thing. We only wanted someone who wouldn’t damage the existing beautiful elements of our home. With Noble Interiors, our wishes came true. The team here knew exactly what we wanted to do with our home. While adding the new elements and adjustments as per our requirements, the professionals took utmost care in preserving the existing natural elements. All the renovation products from the company were of extremely high-quality, and could easily fit in the category of “affordable luxury”. We are immensely impressed with the final quality of service provided to us by the expert team in this company.
Yvonne Jodoin
Yvonne Jodoin
Stony Plain Alberta
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Our window blinds were getting damaged easily, and we were tired of changing them now and then. That was when one of our friends suggested Noble Interior’s window blinds to us, and we are ever thankful to him for the same. We have been using these window blinds for quite some time now, and they look like new even today. We have different colors of window blinds in each of our rooms. Thanks to these blinds, our home feels cozy and warm inside, while still allowing the natural light to pass through. We didn’t know that window blinds played a vital role in improving a room’s visual appeal until we bought them from Noble Interiors!