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About Us

Wendy Noble relies on our personal touch in an industry where the ability to connect is a superpower. The strong relationships we forge has created a strong backbone of many long-time residential and commercial clients for our company. Repeat business and referrals amount to 90% of our revenue. The noble in our company name is not an accident; it means providing outstanding excellence in the quality of our products, customer service, and after care.
Wendy Noble - Creative Director
Wendy Noble
Creative Director

Our Approach

We tailor our interior design approach to the needs of our clients, creating a style and experience that’s perfect for them. Our design consultants combine classic design with the latest styles to create something that really speaks to our clients. Something that is trendy today, but will live on for years to come. We all have things that we love, a painting, a chair, antiques that were passed down, but we want to integrate them into something more contemporary. At Noble Interiors we do just that, take what you love and make it better. Decorating your home is an act of love, or at least it should be. It should be fun, stress-free, exciting, flexible, it should not be all or nothing.

Our Beliefs

At Noble Interiors, we take our name to heart. As a company we try to be as sustainable as possible. We stand up for what we believe in and we stand behind everything we do. Our clients mean everything to us. We want you to love what we do and what we’ve done for you, in fact, we guarantee it. We’re about building relationships with our clients. We love what we do and we’re excited about it. Noble Interiors is a licensed and bonded decorating firm specializing in home design and renovation projects. We partner with some of the best trades in the business to transform your home into your own personal oasis.

Our Services

  • Complimentary In-home Consultation
  • Interior Design and Decorating
  • Home Staging (Home Sale, Christmas, etc.)
  • Renovations
  • Custom Furniture, Draperies or Upholstery
  • Window Treatments (Blinds, Shades, Sheers, Louvres)
  • Project Management
  • Window Automation Products